Jun 9, 2009

LTH Agensi

Glitter Words

LTH Associates Sdn Bhd (LTH ASB) has grown leaps and bound since its inception. If we were to choose one word to describe the growth of LTH ASB, that word would be PHENOMENAL. A tremendous amount of effort has been directed toward the growth of LTH ASB.

The great man behind the growth of LTH ASB is none other than Tuan Haji Firdaus Lau. He has lead the team towards a greater heights through his visionary leadership. His commitment & discipline has been the inspiration and motivation to all Wealth Planners. And with his big vision, he will lead the team even higher up on the ladder of success.

The humble beginning of the agency started in 1998 when Tuan Haji Firdaus Lau was promoted to the Unit Manager position by Prudential. The agency was located on a 3-storey shoplot office in Taman Sea, Petaling Jaya. The one year business volume of the agency then was only 160,000 (API). Nobody noticed the existent of the agency then. And it was a lonely place to be. But one philosophy that Tuan Haji Firdaus Lau carried very close to his heart has been his inspiration and motivation during that difficult and lonely period. And that philosophy is “Janganlah kita menjadi seperti melukut di tepi gantang, masuk tak menambah, keluar tak mengurang.”

Subsequently in 1999, the business volume increased to 280,000 (API) and in 2000 to 641,000 (API). The first 3 years was basically a one man show by Tuan Haji Firdaus Lau. He basically runs the agency from A to Z by himself. However, in the year 2000, he began developing his key people to take up some of the managerial roles.

And by 2003, Tuan Haji Firdaus Lau introduced a more concrete structure to the agency by establishing the Leadership Management Team (LMT). Under Tuan Haji Firdaus Lau visionary leadership and the assistance of the LMT team, the agency started creating history in Prudential the history. In 2001, the agency becomes the top unit in Prudential with a business volume of 2.1 millions (API). And for that achievement, Tuan Haji Firdaus Lau was awarded as the TOP UNIT MANAGER in 2001. It was follow up with other achievements - 2.8 millions (API) in 2002, 3.4 millions (API) in 2003, 4.6 millions (API) in 2004, 6.4 millions (API) in 2005, 13.0 millions (API) in 2006, 21.5 millions (API + ACI) in 2007 and 35.8 millions (API + ACI) in 2008.
to cater for the future growth and the expansion of the agency, in 2003 Tuan Haji Firdaus Lau had relocated the agency operations to a 17-storey corporate office in Damansara Intan, Petaling Jaya. Due to a rapid expansion, once again on 2009, Tuan Haji Firdaus Lau moved the agency operations to a new signature office in Jaya 33, Petaling Jaya.

Tuan Haji Firdaus Lau’s vision, leadership, and philosophy have carried the team in a spectacular journey. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. The agency journey is still a thousand miles away. The best is yet to come. And the adventure continues….
What about your adventure?

Would you like to be in LTH Associates Sdn Bhd?

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